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The power of flowers

To inspire, bring happiness, purify and energize At the beginning of the Quarantine, I was […]

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Our people

In these times we take care of flowers

Today, people and governments undoubtedly must adapt themselves to the challenges that are brought by […]

29 Apr 20

Our people

“We go to work with complete trust in that we will return home healthy and eager to continue”

Since the start of the “Coronavirus” crisis, the flower-growing sector has established safety protocols to […]

06 Apr 20

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The magic behind our flowers

For some of you it is unknown that Colombia is the second exporting country of […]

11 Jun 19

Floral Instagram photos you will love
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Floral Instagram accounts we love: Alexandra Farms

Something that makes us really happy is seeing more and more flower-related accounts popping up […]

21 Feb 19

The Lifestyle of a Flower Farm
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The powerful women behind our flowers

Bridal bouquets, Mother’s Day surprises, Valentine’s gifts… it’s not hard to see how the loveliest […]

31 Jan 19

Florverde sustainable flowers awards
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Florverde sustainable flowers awards

How do flower farmers know they’re doing a good job protecting nature and caring for their teams?

24 Oct 18

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