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Flowers play a fundamental role in any celebration, especially at weddings. They bring joy, color, and beauty to the decoration of the church, venue of the celebration, car, and more.

Always go for natural flowers! Brides and grooms tend to put a lot of effort into choosing, not only the bridal bouquet but also the floral style of the entire celebration, including color, placement of centerpieces for the reception, etc…

Colombian flowers are a popular choice among wedding planners and the couples themselves. They are known for their diversity and quality, making them a great option for creating stunning and impressive floral arrangements that can leave a lasting memory of your wedding. From lilies, roses, and orchids to hydrangeas, Colombian flowers are available in a wide range of varieties and colors, making them a versatile choice for any wedding theme or color scheme.

For wedding planners, selecting the right flowers is an important part of the decor planning process. It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal but also the durability of the flowers. And this is where Colombian flowers also stand out. They are known for their longevity, lasting for days without losing their freshness and vitality. For weddings that take place over several days, this is especially essential, couples can rest assured that their floral arrangements will remain beautiful throughout all the celebrations.

Flowers such as Roses, Callas, and Tulips, among others, are very popular in centerpieces and corsages, as well as other extra floral arrangements. However, with all the diversity that we can offer from Colombia, you can use any of these or many more options. The significant thing is that you choose the right flowers for you on this special day!

If you want to go for a creative wedding, there are different options such as the
combination of flowers with candles and fruits that are spectacular.

If you want to go for a more natural celebration, flowers with an air of spring, rounded shapes, and soft falls will suit her perfectly, as will bouquets with a minimalist style. As for colors, you can select to create contrast. For those brides with a lot of personalities, the variants of formal bouquets with worked falls are perfect. Warm colors can go very well.

As you can realize, there is no perfect formula for all cases; the diversity of flowers, their different colors, shapes, and essences allow each wedding to be unique; but without a doubt, their presence is a common factor in any event that tries to celebrate love and the beauty of life.

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