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To inspire, bring happiness, purify and energize
At the beginning of the Quarantine, I was worried for the future of the project in which I have been working for so many years, my “Fioreria”. In addition to personal concerns, I thought about all the people involved in the production of the flowers. I asked myself what would happen to the growers transporters, operators, etc.

And just in the middle of this concern, when I began to receive calls and messages in the internet, asking me about flowers to keep at home. Despite being closed, the people wanted to have them near! Doubtless due to this world crisis, I understood the magnitude of the power of the flowers. They are messengers and companions. They animate, give hope and above all love.

Fresh flowers are a synonyms of quality. When I work with them and when they recently arrived from the farms. They give me an enormous satisfaction. We are the florists who connect the chain of production, we are who provide the last touch to combine them according to their colors, forms and textures to finally take them to the final client, who will receive the message they bring hidden inside of their beauty, to be enjoyed until the last petal falls.

Finally, as a florist, I think that the tendency from now on will be to make a sustainable floral design. All the decorators have this great responsibility not to contaminate. This should be our form of thanking nature. We have so much to learn and so much to give regarding previous bad practices, that nothing is left to us except to open the doors to new techniques to develop our art. I have always thought that the simplicity of a good mechanism generates fresher and natural designs.

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