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My name is Daisy; like flowers, I am very proud to bear this name.

The flowers can become sad?

Well, like my mom, I work in the fields with flowers. All we have; our home, Family, study, and many friends, we have achieved it thanks to the flowers. I feel like a thrilled and privileged woman. Since I was little, I have been in these fields. Taking care of them, I have learned how I should also treat flowers and people. The fundamental base is: affection or love. If you are not aware of them, they become sad and do not open; they dry up and die.

How can you care flowers?

First, we sow them and then it is time to water them, this is usually done once a day, but do not forget that, if it is boiling, like people, it makes them very thirsty then you should water them a little more. The same thing happens with the cold. If you feel that it is icy, try to close the air currents. Without this, they will surely get stressed and will not open at the right time.

Additionally, remember to give them food. Nutrients and fertilizers are essential to see that beautiful fruit that is about to come out at the right time. That fruit that sprouts from a bud full of colors is so beautiful, generating great emotions to change a moment in your life.

How long does it take to have a full flower

Remember that we have the privilege of producing many varieties of flowers in Colombia, and each one of them requires a lot of care and time. Minimum 6 months to two years can take you to achieve a large variety of colors and flowers. Yes, it is arduous care. Like any living being, you must be vigilant all the time to achieve the fruits.

The flowers feel? 

People are not aware that they are living beings and feel. Did you know that even they have doctors? Well, yes, their care is so critical, they are so delicate, and they need so much from us that they can get sick if we don’t do things right and above all with love and patience; Remember, everything has its processes, and nobody likes to grow up. The agronomists oversee seeing the growth process of the flowers is according to the number of days or weeks they have been planted. They are also the ones who tell us what to do when the leaves turn yellow. Or when they are ready to cut.

Having flowers can be considered the same as having a pet and even a baby. Although the affection of a baby is not comparable with a pet and much less with a flower, each one indeed moves a piece of your heart, and all three, keeping proportions, must be given the corresponding affection.

Between life and death

In the pandemic, flowers were our anguish and company at the same time- They have their life cycle like everyone else, and we could not leave them alone. We had to feed them, water them, cover them from the cold or ventilate them from the heat. Many people and friends trying to get to their work as it was to take care of them, and then it was they who gave us back the joy and hope to continue and continue in such difficult moments. They came to homes, hospitals, and workplaces that were adapted to continue our daily routine. They helped generate happiness, change moods, give atmosphere to places we were never in, and above all to heal the soul.

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