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Where young people bloom, so does hope!

Currently there are hundreds of ways to express ourselves but, the love for flowers, and the ability to express oneself through them, is one of the most beautiful ways to grow and learn.

The language of flowers

Flower language, also known as floriography, was a means of communication used in Victorian times. Back then, people drew upon different types of flowers and flower arrangements to send coded messages in order to express and make known feelings that otherwise could never be spoken.

As every flower lover knows, flowers have a language of their own. In ancient times, flowers were a distinct way to express gratitude, appreciation, hope, and many other feelings that could not be said and, since then, the language of flowers has been transmitted from culture to culture and generation to generation. Today, one of the only vestiges that still remains through time is the meaning of red roses, which as many know, are related to love and passion.

Over time we have learned to give a meaning to each flower based on its texture, color, fragrance, and appearance. For example, the yellow rose indicates friendship. Amongst others, the white rose symbolizes a mixture of feelings; the daisy means purity; the carnation, nobility; the lily, innocence; the gardenia, joy; the chrysanthemum, eternity; the sunflower, adoration; the white jasmine, kindness; the red chrysanthemum, I love you. But, in addition to the variety to which it belongs, the color of a flower also has a message to give. White flowers are like diamonds, they represent purity, elegance, and calmness. Orange flowers are the flowers of self-confidence and self-improvement. Red, is the most exciting color and can mean love, passion, action, and aggressiveness. Blue flowers are enigmatic, mysterious, and have a sentimental connotation. Green is a relaxing and refreshing color that induces serenity and harmony. Yellow flowers represent youth, energy, vitality, and happiness, sunrise, and the beginning of life. In general, each variety and each color say something, and it is this language that allows us to express, today, more than one feeling with flowers.

A way to express feelings

During our life we ??face different stages and changes that help us to strengthen ourselves and grow emotionally, but one of the most difficult stages of our life is youth. At this time the emotional intensity and uncertainty increase, fear and sadness are often present and all these feelings make it difficult to express ourselves properly.

When we are young, it is difficult to find the right way to say what we feel and how to project our emotions making it strenuous to bring forth interpersonal relationships. This is why this stage is based on having a thousand things to say and not knowing how to express them. BUT WAIT! Why not use the power of flowers to express what words are not always capable of saying?

Giving flowers has always been a way of expressing our feelings without having to say anything. It is a way to surprise the other person with their beauty and fragrance, and ensure that they will not forget it so easily. One of the best ways to express feelings is by giving flowers or using them to decorate your spaces. Although flowers wither in a short time, they are an element of color and life that convey the best feelings. They are the best gift for any occasion and are memorable to everyone.

Not all flowers necessarily signify a declaration of love. Just as there are countless feelings we can have for someone, flowers also have their own meaning. A bouquet of flowers that comes from a special person or friend will not only serve to decorate a space, it is also a reminder that we are esteemed and loved by someone. Flowers cheer up, lift your spirit, and bring forth affection for someone. But not only receiving flowers excites us, so does offering them as a present! Those who give flowers are seen as pleasant, friendly, and trust-inspiring people.

Being able to express ourselves with flowers allows us to use a lively and colorful element to show others our intentions, desires, and emotions. It allows us to improve our relationships with others and keeps us in a state of calmness and harmony.  Flowers are good for your health: they relax, reassure, serve as a source of inspiration, improve emotional health and, above all, brighten the day of those who receive them. That is why they are necessary for moments of uncertainty and anguish, surrounding us in times of change.

An ideal complement to our life at any time!

When we are young, it is difficult to recognize which specific moments generate emotions and, especially, which ones generate happiness; and in these specific moments, when we need more energy and motivation, flowers can become our best ally. Flowers don’t just improve the quality of the air we breathe, the flowers themselves are capable of generating happiness and well-being and are one of the most beautiful products of nature.

Flowers can transform any moment and turn it into something special. They can represent life and energy. A space with flowers creates such a comfortable and pleasant environment that it induces positive emotional feelings. Investing in a bouquet not only means investing in a decorative element, it also means investing in our well-being at any age. BUT REMEMBER! Well-being is also knowing how to recognize that term that we use frequently when we feel that we are doing well on life’s journey: bloom.

It is important to learn to express our emotions effectively. This will allow us to reduce stress and will make us feel freer. At the same time, it will increase our empathy and our level of understanding different situations. Expressing ourselves improves our self-esteem and allows others to get to know us better. It gives us the ability to solve problems and even prevent them through communication.

Young adults who are capable of communicating and expressing feelings effectively, gain the possibility to continue a socially and emotionally responsible life, qualities that allow them to grow personally and professionally. To grow, you have to strengthen the psychological architecture made up of self-esteem, determination, motivation, and self-confidence, commit to yourself, to your dreams, and to the people you love. By using the power of flowers to achieve these goals, you are creating a different and innovative way to obtain the stability required at this phase. When young people bloom, the hope for a more optimistic, secure, and efficient future grows within them.

Humans bloom like flowers bloom. This is not visible in the short term. Sometimes we think we are not moving when we really are. We advance discreetly and unfold like the petals of a flower, barely immediately perceptible but spectacular when we observe it through the perspective of time. The perspective of time makes us value the capacities, abilities, and talents that, with daily effort and the right conditions, end up flourishing. Feel empowered to handle adversity and flourish again after having suffered.

Now is the time to start expressing your emotions with flowers, because as people say, sometimes a flower says more than a thousand words!

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