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Contrast colors are those in directly opposite positions on the chromatic circle, such as red and green, orange and blue, or yellow and purple. But wait, what is the color chromatic circle?

The chromatic circle or color wheel is a graphic representation that segments and organizes the colors based on the tone or hue of each one. Technically, it is a circle with 6 colors reflected in the decomposition of light with respect to the solar spectrum. These 6 colors can also be valued as families, from which others emerge from the variation of intensity and tones.

In fact, scientifically, our brain likes contrasts. The human brain rejects graphic information that is too bland or extremely chaotic. The color wheel organizes the hues in such a way that it is possible to clearly discern which color combinations will form a pleasant contrast for the brain and which ones will dilute the viewer’s attention because they are out of tune or are blurred.

So go ahead, enjoy combining contrasting textures and elements with your favorite flowers, or just take the risk of trying new flowers. It is already proven that our brains will like it, and in case there are still doubts, look how beautiful it can be seen:

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