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Have you ever received a flower arrangement? There is nothing quite like it! The burst of color, that special scent, the joy of finding your favorite kinds gathered together or even discovering new ones in the mix. If you’ve had this experience, chances are those flowers came from Colombia.

Why are we so sure? Because Colombia is a leading country when it comes to flowers, with thousands of people working daily to make the rest of the world fall in love with them. Here are five reasons why Colombian flowers will charm you too.

More than a thousand possibilities

Pink carnations, yellow roses, blue hydrangeas, white alstroemerias, two-tone gerberas, large anthuriums, freckled lilies… name your absolute favorite flower and it will surely be one of Colombia’s numerous species.

The Cundinamarca savanna -heart of the country- or the temperate lands in the east of Antioquia and even the magnificent coffee belt (a must visit if you want to drink the best brew in the world) focus in perfecting all these different species, getting the size, the color, the shape just right, to surprise you with the one you like the most.

Your favorites all year round

Spring will come and go but Colombian flowers are blooming all year round. As one of the most diverse countries in the world with such a varied climate and landscape, Colombia has the privilege of a thriving nature 365 days a year. While you enjoy the fall of autumn leaves or watch the snow outside your window, we are still cultivating somewhere in Colombia. No matter the season, you’ll find flowers to brighten up your day.

The hands behind the flowers

Diversity is not just about weather and scenery. In Colombia, it also means that behind our flowers there are different kinds of people working hard to share our nature with you.

Farmers devoted for many generations to their crops, single mothers bringing their nurturing spirit into our fields, wise breeders who’ve learned from decades of experience and young ones with fresh ideas… Thousands of families growing through our flowers. To us, that definitely adds to their beauty.

Freshness for days

Growing the finest flowers in the world is all about attention to detail. Little things like the perfect temperature, the amount of sunlight or even getting the humidity just right… that’s the magic for long lasting flowers.

Gratitude with nature

The most exotic designs nature can produce are born in Colombian fields… we do everything with gratitude for our privileged land, caring for our resources in a big way.

Some of the things we do for a more sustainable Colombia:

  • Reducing waste: recycling is everything so we’ve made a habit of proper waste disposal (including oil, lightbulbs and even computers) and also taking advantage of crop residue for compost.
  • Protecting our water: we’re the third richest country in the world when it comes to water resources and we take it seriously. We’ve designed a collective plan with 42 companies surrounding our streams and rivers to guarantee their protection. Last year, 44% of the water we used for irrigation came from the rain.
  • Using less energy: we’ve saved up to 61% of energy usage in the last five years by handling our resources in a smarter way.

Sustainability is a big deal for those who grow and love flowers. We want a world where more flowers -and humans- can grow!

Any flower that reaches you, that surprises you on a special day or finds a place in your living room, might just be a flower that came all the way from Colombia. A little bit of paradise from our hands to yours.

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