The Lifestyle of a Flower Farm

All about Flowers of Colombia

At Flowers of Colombia, we are proud and happy to know that the next Christmasworld […]

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El Trigal: Ambassadors of megadiversity

Flowers' diversity

In the world, only 12 countries deserve to be called MEGADIVERSE. They need to contain, as a whole, 70% of the species of flora and fauna existing on earth, among other reasons.

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Flowers' diversity
Get Inspired

That Flower Feeling

Today self-care is very important, so important that it has become really difficult to attend […]

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Made In Colombia

Flower souvenirs in the Han Nation

The Han Nation or South Korea, is a country that has had a growth in […]

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Our people

The power of flowers

To inspire, bring happiness, purify and energize At the beginning of the Quarantine, I was […]

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Flowers are the best way to bring some magic to your environment. Brighten up your day!