Today, people and governments undoubtedly must adapt themselves to the challenges that are brought by the struggle against the coronavirus, because it doesn´t only affect world health, but the economies of countries as well, including the floriculture sector that employs more than 140,000 workers, of which 60% are women.

We cultivate living beings, for this reason they require special attention daily to guarantee a minimum of vital inputs, such as water and nutrients, that are accompanied with the indispensable task of monitoring pests and diseases; all this in order not to compromise the quality of production and productivity.


For this reason, that today in the middle of this worldwide crisis, we generate strategies for control and maintenance of our flowers and leaves to maintain the plants alive and that we do not forget, that they need us to survive.

We are ready to guarantee that the Flowers of Colombia continue to satisfy the world with their varieties, quality and reliability to fill every heart with emotion.

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