For some of you it is unknown that Colombia is the second exporting country of flowers in the world (Holland is the first one). This is because of our tropical weather that allows us to grow hydrangeas and chrysanthemums of excellent quality.

The horticultural industry employs nearly 120.000 people in Colombia, and 25% of rural female work force.

But what can you find behind every flower?

The answer is very simple. Our people.

Behind every flower there is a person cultivating his dreams, our flowers are processes of commitment, effort and innovation, every flower is the result of someone trying to tell his own story, our story. That’s why we always say that our people are our biggest treasure.

Due to these and many other reasons,  in 2008 Flores El Capiro created an employee’s fund named “FOEC”, focused on the wellbeing of our people; we look for them to have better opportunities in life, we are always trying to create alliances with schools and colleges for our employees to carry on their studies; we also help our people to save money.

FOEC is an open door for all the employees of the company, it’s an internal organization that has a main purpose: accomplish employee’s dreams. The fund is conscious that if the collaborators of the company fulfill their dreams, their life would have an improvement.

Nowadays, the fund has 70% of Flores El Capiro’s employees in it. They have helped lots of families accomplish goals otherwise they would never reach.

These are some of the programs we have in our employee’s fund:

  • We help our people save money to buy their own house
  • Alliance with SENA which is an organization that offers free technical, technological and complementary programs for Colombians
  • Discounts on entertainment shows
  • Fair prices for family trips

The real value of a flower is not only the color, the height or size; the real value of every flower we grow, is our people, our dreams and story.

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