At Flowers of Colombia, we are proud and happy to know that the next Christmasworld and Paperworld events at the beginning of 2021 will be full of flowers, nature, textures, and closeness. Everything natural will be the focus. The designs will be floral and what can not be dressed by floral prints, which will be accompanied by flowers, nature, and textures. 

Colombian flowers provide a unique diversity that is the source of inspiration for artists and designers worldwide, and we are thrilled to know that 2021 will be a year full of colors, diversities, and, of course, the inspiration that comes from flowers.

This concept, which will have to be seen at the events in Frankfurt am Main, in the Messe Frankfurt, will be accompanied by a primary element: the tangible. The close beings, the palpable and the natural.

“We are digitally networked and reachable at any time, but increasingly perceive it as a luxury to disconnect and be offline. We experience nature, which offers us a retreat and the peace to do so, as being threatened and worthy of protection. The concept of recycling and upcycling is thus gaining ever greater momentum. These are themes that we will increasingly see in the product collections at Christmasworld and Paperworld”, says Annetta Palmisano, designer at the bora. herke.Palmisano style agency, who is responsible for developing and designing the new Christmasworld and Paperworld Trends format on behalf of Messe Frankfurt 

Nature, its contemplation, will be the center of the trend using renewable material, natural elements, beautiful and robust or rough. The use of materials that remain in their natural state will be the protagonists, the tactile feeling will be relevant, as also everything with seasonal decoration or natural or floral designs.

Get ready to be in the trend. Prepare your showcase, your living room, your desk, and experience the natural beauty of flowers this 2021.

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