Life is definitely brighter during the summer months. Like a permanent Instagram filter that makes us feel more vibrant. We love that feeling and we want to translate it into home decor for every season with a little help from our flowers.

While tropical styles are the common inspiration when people want to add some heat to their interior design, we went in totally different directions. Check it out:

Here are three great interior design concepts and the perfect flower combos for each of them.

Home deco ideas: Soft safari style

Make your living room feel like an African paradise. Here are the best ways to bring a more adventurous look to this space:

Subtle animal prints

You don’t need to turn your sofas into leopards to get into this vibe. Subtle animal or tribal print fabrics with similar shades are a more versatile way to explore an African inspiration.

Rustic arrangements

Nature is an essential part of this safari atmosphere! Fresh green leaves and maybe an ear of grass with small bright flowers in yellow or white can make your living room come alive.

Sandy tones

African cultures are bursting with color and contrasts but we’d rather let flowers be the accent in the room. A soft palette with sand, caramel and ivory would be perfect. You can add some darker accents with handmade crafts in dark wood.

Interior Design Trends and Safari Decorating Tips

Decorate Your Home With These Style Options

Mediterranean blue

Where else to find a warm vibe but next to the mediterranean sea? Bring it to your home with a deep blue palette. These are some tricks to make the best of this refreshing color.

Add light with metallic details

Gold or copper are great finishings that bring shine to blue surroundings. A nice metallic lamp or centerpiece could be great focal points.

Make it interesting with texture

It’s not just about going blue on blue; some texture gives the room more depth. Consider prints for curtains or even wall decals inspired by Italian or Greek mosaics.

Bring contrasting tones with flowers

Deep blues are a great frame for yellow flowers. Orange is also a great way to draw attention in a blue setting and shine that toasty light we’re searching for.  

Blue Beautiful Home Decorating Ideas for Warm Weather

Ice cream colors

Ice cream for warmth? It sounds like a weird combo, we know. The thing is, these yummy colors bring plenty of light into a room. If you want to give it a chance, keep these tips in mind:

Don’t make it too sweet

Pastel tones are usually preferred for children bedrooms (big ice cream fans, by the way). But these delicate colors can go beyond that childlike style when used in minimal designs and sleek shapes.

Keep it light

Delicate furniture with lighter wood is a good way to make this decor inspiration work. Avoid heavy looking ornaments and instead choose materials that give the room an airy feel, like cotton, feathers or glass.

Minimal but stunning flowers

As they say: sometimes less is more. In this case, one striking flower could be enough. Think of an elegant long-stemmed lily that could stand out in the center of the room.

How to make your home warm, cozy and comfortable

Tips for a Warm and Cozy Home

Which one of these would you like to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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