PANTONE unveiled the colors that will define The Spring / Summer 2021 New York. We share them with associated flowers, so that they can be prepared and decorate their stores or houses, with the colors that will set the new trend.

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, for this new line, they sought to expose ingenuity and inventiveness. Colors that were freer to use and that were easy to adapt to different lifestyles.

“Offering a range of shades illustrative of nature, colors for Spring/Summer 2021 underscores our desire for flexible color that works year-round. Infused with a genuine authenticity that continues to be increasingly important, colors for Spring/Summer 2021 combine a level of comfort and relaxation with sparks of energy that encourage and uplift our moods,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

With you, the colors and their flowers:


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