Colombia is home to more than half of the species of Flora in the world, and the largest number of orchid species, however, there are several reasons to explain why Colombian flowers and some of their species have become so popular over the past years.

Quality, variety, and durability are some of the main reasons Colombian flowers are preferred around the world. Countries such as the United States, Japan, and England have already fallen in love with them and this is why Colombia is now the second-largest exporter of flowers after the Netherlands. This is a huge milestone and a reason to celebrate the development of our technique and know-how when it comes to fulfilling our purpose of sharing our diversity to inspire people with flowers every day and everywhere.

Colombian flower growers have also specialized in a product that connects with everyone’s emotions and foreigners’ love: Bouquets, the perfect combination of flowers to brighten up every corner.

Bouquets have been the foundation of Colombia’s most successful flower sales strategy to date. Colombia was able to export almost 1,5 billion dollars in flowers in 2018, according to Asocolflores – Colombian Flower Growers Association, and a big part of which was in the form of Bouquets.


But we can’t give all the credit to bouquets without mentioning Chrysanthemums and Hydrangeas, two species that are among the top five most successful Colombian flowers around the world.

Chrysanthemums are very appreciated abroad because they are inexpensive, they last longer than other types of flowers and have a wide color variety. They can be combined with Carnations, Roses or Alstroemerias; and at the same time, several Chrysanthemums of the same type can be present within one arrangement, according to the color palette that is being used.

Due to they’re being large and voluminous, Hydrangeas are perfect when you’re running on a small budget but want to make big outstanding arrangements. It takes very few of them to create an arrangement with lots of texture and contrast that will easily complement any space. A single one of them can brighten up a table, or if it’s used in a bouquet its volume will make the bunch seem abundant.

In Flores El Capiro we believe in the power of these flowers to convey feelings, this is why we are sure that Colombian flowers will stand out in every bouquet and floral decoration around the world; they are just the perfect complement to any special occasion.


So next time you think about brightening up your life with flowers, don’t forget about Chrysanthemums and Hydrangeas as two of your main options for making outstanding bouquets.


Flowers Everyday, Flowers Everywhere. Flowers of Colombia. Diversity that inspires.

Written by Flores El Capiro

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