As we get ready to greet our loved ones and host wonderful holiday gatherings, an exciting task that awaits is decorating our homes for the perfect moments together. For us, that always means thinking of magical ways to set the mood Christmas blossom with flowers and to show our guests the love we put into every party, dinner or small visit.

This time, we’ve thought of bringing a little wildlife indoors and making something exuberant blossom on top of your cabinets or fireplace mantles. A dramatic focal point for your hallway or living room that will bring natural splendor to the moment.

We began by designing a palette: gold, white and light wood. Luminous and classical Christmas colors that would frame our arrangement beautifully.

And the flowers? We went for similar hues instead of contrasts. Garden roses with soft yellows peeking from their centers, spray roses in a loud golden tone and some just whispering pink, alstroemerias with splashes of blush, and white bellflowers and carnations that shine through the rich foliage. Take advantage of the full round shape of hydrangeas and their most interesting color variations. In this case, we celebrated its streaks of light green and brown to feed the little piece of wilderness we set on top of our cabinet.

The foliage is essential for this type of arrangement. Variety of greens, textures, sizes and lightness is just as important as choosing the right flowers. Myrtle, fern, baby blue eucalyptus and ruscus are some options that really bring out the lush diversity of nature.

Remember to play with lengths and take advantage of the normal asymmetry that makes plants wonderful. A rich base with a full shape makes the flowers that rise over it much more outstanding. Leaves reaching out on the sides are also a good thing, to get that mood of unkept -but magical- garden. 

Finishing touches:

That mirror on one side is the most important addition, because it adds depth to the room, but it can also become a little space for group mirror selfies (trust us, you will love the way those flowers can frame a photo). For an evening event, the candles on the little stumps feel like an enchanting invitation to sit and share. The simple power of those flames and our verdant arrangement reflect the fascinating charm of this season in a truly authentic way. 

Are you into Christmas decor with flowers?  Leave us a comment!

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