Halloween is here. 

A night where the dead will stalk us, where we will have to camouflage ourselves by wearing costumes, and where we can decorate with unique styles. So we bring you an idea to make this Halloween that is already different a little more different.

  1. Use life in the night of the dead

Decorate your pumpkins with flowers. In or around them, there is something mysterious and dark about using flowers in horror decorations. There’s something about this mix that gives you creeps. You will notice the difference. 

  1. Orange again?

You can use any type of flowers. You don’t have to be dark to be scary. Try new colors, your favorite, no matter what it is. Our mind is used to seeing orange and black on Halloween so it no longer scares us. Our mind will react differently to something strange. Wear colors you don’t think you would wear.

  1. Make it match.

If your flowers doesn’t match with your pumpkin, paint it. The same color or a contrasting color. You can even paint it in metallic colors or give it touches of gradient. Make this party your own. 

And if you dare, join the three dots and create something like this:

Have a scary and different halloween.

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