As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, we start to draw up in our mind the perfect mood for these happy moments with our loved ones. In Colombia, Christmas Eve, or ‘Nochebuena’, is one of the most important rituals of the season: a feast with family, friends, amazing food and warmth all around.

This year, we’d like your Christmas Eve dinner to be perfect, so we’re sharing a little inspiration on amazing table arrangements with flowers that capture the spirit of the holidays and the latest trends in party decor.

Best DIY Christmas centerpieces: Beautiful Ideas

Rustic and modern ideas

We tend to see these two as opposites: rustic as an unpolished traditional style and modern as a sleek and cleaner approach, but the organic beauty of the first can truly shine with the more elegant sensibilities of the latter. Here are some tips on making this trendy mixture your inspiration for the season:  

Harness the beauty of organic shapes

we went with wood slices as trays and even small stumps as pedestals for elements that deserve more height, but it also means finding subtle tableware. We selected white plates, and copper mugs and cutlery that really speak of a rustic mood.

Go for rhythm instead of symmetry

we usually think that balance comes from creating an invisible middle line and making both sides equal. Nature makes beauty from other compositions like sequences and unexpected heights gathered together. Tableware brings order to your table, but the rest of the elements can be displayed in a more capricious way.

Best Christmas Table Settings: Decorations and Centerpiece

Speaking of this, it’s time to talk about the flowers to make unique creations:  

While wood and white porcelain dominate the palette, it’s up to the flowers to make color a guest at the table. Through roses, alstroemerias, hydrangeas, pompons and carnations we’ve composed fresh and light arrangements with touches of blush, magenta, deep purple, toasted ochre and even specks of bright yellow. Through baby’s breath and silvery eucalyptus leaves, the foliage keeps a wintery feel, reminding us of falling snowflakes.

Our table shows off different sizes and kinds of arrangements so you can choose which way to go. First, we have a large centerpiece that spreads to the sides in a very asymmetrical display, taking into account the erratic beauty of nature. This one cleverly uses a cake stand as its base.

The second, a more traditional design in a vase where cutting the stems at different heights is key for harmony.

Christmas flower decorations

Two little terrariums in geometrical shapes give you a third possibility for a smaller table where displaying flowers over a bed of moss creates little enchanted gardens. Adding tiny lights inside can create a magical lamp for your table.

Finally: our most important tip is to have a little fun with it. The charm of pinecones over the plates, a little bit of baby’s breath falling on the table, even little wreaths for the chairs, those are the little things that let your guests know you’ve made this with love.

Do you like our Christmas eve table? We’d love to know! Tell us your holiday plans in the comments!

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