The Han Nation or South Korea, is a country that has had a growth in admiration and enjoyment of Colombian flowers, but they have been limited to the variants of roses, carnations and hydrangeas. In addition, they have very specific dates to give flowers and they limit themselves to experimenting with its variants and experiences freely.

Knowing the beauty and diversity of Colombian flowers and remembering the experiences that each one of them gave us, we think of sharing this magical experience with all possible people.

In 2020, Asocolflores in alliance with Procolombia and Flowers of Colombia, carried out 2 activities to promote the recognition and enjoyment of flowers in South Korea and share all this diversity in all its splendor:

  1. Christmas Tree COEX Flowers of Colombia
  2. Christmas Arrangement Classes & Christmas Market Flowers of Colombia Snowfox

Christmas Tree COEX Flowers of Colombia

In the main convention mall in Seoul, in which Christmas trees are installed and other parallel activities such as exhibitions of important brands are held, we built a Christmas made of flowers for the enjoyment of Koreans.

For 14 days, 19,000 South Koreans were able to appreciate the beauty in the varieties of flowers that exist and recognize the beautiful link they have with Colombia.

We also have the support of 3 South Korean influencers: Rilaccoco (?? ??), QYOUNG (??), Veiled (?? ?).

Christmas Arrangement Classes & Christmas Market Flowers of Colombia Snowfox

On December 19, a class of centerpieces with Flores de Colombia was held live and through YouTube. The live class was attended by 30 people who had previously received a Colombian flower kit.

The Hun Nation is a country full of art, passion and respect; and all that we do and will continue to do is to offer the beautiful world of flowers to their lives, with much love and dedication.

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