The most romantic day of the year is almost here, and we are diving into it with our loveliest flowers. Did you know that people gift flowers the most during Valentine’s? It’s a very intense season for Colombian farmers. The most beautiful varieties have been growing in the perfect climate, getting ready to be selected, wrapped and carefully transported, to become special presents between people in love.

We know better than anyone that flowers have the power of speaking for us when words can’t suffice. A flower holds the wonder of the world in its colors, fragrances and textures. When we give someone a symbol of such beauty, we are saying: “this is how you make me feel”.

There is no flower more beautiful than the one chosen for us by a loved one. A rose from our Valentine is more than just red. It’s the most intense crimson ever seen, it has the scent of happiness and it brightens up any room. This is the secret magic between flowers and love.

We want to make more people fall in love through flowers and not just with them. This time, we would like to inspire you to escape into nature with your significant other and enjoy an intimate countryside moment framed by floral beauty.

While the usual Valentine’s day plan might be a fancy restaurant, we feel that nothing could be as memorable as having someone create a picnic for us surrounded by flowers. Knowing that our loved one planned every last detail and put hard work into this floral surprise feels beyond romantic.

How to make it happen

Let go of the wicker basket and the checkered blanket; your Valentine deserves something truly extraordinary. To show you what we mean, we created a little paradise, complete with comfy leather stools, tables and even a teepee.

We love teepees because they are easy to make, they create interesting heights for composition, and they bring an exotic vibe. We discovered that they can be clever constructions for floral arrangements, with foliage, garden roses and small wildflowers popping up behind the leaves. Rich vines falling on the sides of the teepee add to that organic composition that plays in asymmetry.

Another way to decorate is through smaller arrangements that mix varieties, like the ones on the tables. Roses are a classic choice for these pieces but this year we’ve decided to mix up the puffy volumes of garden roses with standard ones in full bloom, and even some carnations, a range that seems more balanced with the natural setting of a picnic. As for the colors, we know that red and pink are tradition, but feelings are colorful, surprising things, why not let them out with flowers in diverse colors?

If you really want to surprise your Valentine with your attention to detail, use their favorite flowers in these arrangements or at least play with their favorite colors in the decor. A favorite flower says a lot about a person: find out the meaning behind theirs and make it a little topic of conversation.

Picnics away from the city are becoming rare things these days. Any Valentine would feel lucky if someone planned such a unique surprise. A setting of quiet nature, a thoughtful decoration and the company of someone who finds us as beautiful as the flowers they chose for this moment. We can’t think of a better way of celebrating love.

Let us know what you’ve planned for your Valentine in the comments!

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