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Asocolflores, Procolombia, Ministerio de agricultura de Colombia

Colombia is known for different things, coffee, its people, its joy, and its diversity. It is at this last point that we focus on showing everything that Colombia has.

This time, the turn was for China, with the floral designer, Ms. Meng Ting, who entered this industry in 2010 and graduated from Beijing’s Peihua floral art school who was also of the renowned Gao Yanfa student, in the international floral master.

Meng Ting has stood out in the world of flowers for his talent in Western and French-style arrangements and has earned the recognition of his clients and the flower industry range of his talent, in floral design, was possible to accomplish an incredible Christmas tree arrangement.

This event, held at the East Hotel attended by a select group of people, who had the opportunity to learn more about the world of floral decoration, and of course, the diversity of Colombian flowers.

It is significant to note the promotion had the help of Weibo influencers that allowed us to reach more than 500,000 people interested in knowing more about the beauty that Colombia offers through its flowers. Spectators understood the importance and strength of Colombian flowers. This diversity that a country offers in terms of its beauty, type, and meaning. 

It is not a secret that growing flowers require a lot of work, but, above all, passion because it is an art form that seeks to bring hope, beauty, and elegance to the different places where it arrives. It is why we strive to show the world the hard work it has done to obtain the beauty that has the nature of the Flowers of Colombia.

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