Our friends at Flores El Capiro share with us some ideas for a colorful and happy Thanksgiving with the help of their lovely flowers.

Thanksgiving is a ritual associated with gratitude for the blessings of the harvest and, to us, it clearly means giving thanks for the beauty that grows in our Colombian fields, that we get to share with people all around the world, even during the colder months of the year!

Our flowers, that we are so thankful to grow, have to be a part of this hearty celebration, so we’ve thought about how to incorporate them into your traditions and decoration.

Color inspiration for floral arrangements

The lovely hues of fall are the biggest inspiration for our floral arrangements. We’ve even designed a little color palette that reflects that toasted beauty of autumn landscapes. Brown, sandy brown, sanddle brown, goldenrod and burly wood, those are our selected tones for this season. Such earthy colors can help bring the season’s natural magic indoors. You could also go a little bolder and put some magenta, red and orange to bring a livelier mood to your celebration.

What flowers to use?

Daisies and chrysanthemums bring a little wild attitude and a very effortless beauty to any arrangement for this season. Some of our most popular flower varieties include: Daisy Amethyst Yellow, Zembla Sunny Cushion, Yellow Daisies and darker colors with traditional flowers such as Hipster Daisy, Lexy Santini, Atlantis Red and Orange Daisy.

You can find even more bold varieties such as Spider Chispa, a unique and eye-catching flower with a spectacular shape; like having fireworks in the middle of a bouquet.

Thanksgiving floral arrangements

A mix to say thanks

We usually love to ‘Mix and Match’ but in this case, playing with all kinds of varieties in every bouquet is also a symbol that fits the festivities. Thanksgiving is a moment to be happily aware of what we have, to cherish those around, to feast on amazing meals that reveal the plentiful nature we have and showing off all kinds of flowers is also a way of thanking our water, our soil, our sun for making them come to life.

We give thanks through flowers in so many ways. For this special day, they can be a centerpiece that speaks of gratitude towards our diverse resources. If you’re not hosting, flowers can be a sweet way to say thanks to those that have invited you to celebrate into their home (and that will probably feed you delicious turkey).

Thanksgiving floral centerpieces

What are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments!

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