We LOVE floral arrangements. We constantly post tips about them but there are many other ways to take advantage of lovely flowers when we want something special for a gift (or for ourselves). Today we’ll show you three inspiring ideas on how to use the flowers you have at home.

Home Decor: Framed as pieces of art 

Sometimes you have some flowers at home that you want to last forever. Be it for their color, their variety or because they are meaningful (from a party, a gift or a bridal bouquet), you can make their beauty long lasting by drying them inside a book.

  • This works better with small flowers. You can cut the heads or leave delicate stems that can be pressed without damaging the shape of the plant.
  • Open a large thick book and lay a piece of paper on one of the pages, place your flowers separate from each other and place another paper on top before closing the book and leaving them sandwiched there for a at least three weeks, just to make sure they completely dry up.
  • You can make sure they are evenly pressed by placing more books on top of the one with the flowers.
  • Once enough time has passed, open the pages and remove the flowers with care using tweezers.
  • You can place them in the shape you like between two sheets of glass and frame them. The result is a delicate piece of art that preserves the shape and color of the flowers you love.

Wall Decor: Framed as pieces of art with flowers

Flower crowns or headpieces

Ok, this is one of our favorites. Making flowers an accessory for a special event is easier than you think and it really makes you stand out. It doesn’t have to be a massive flower crown, but just a delicate piece to go around a hair bun or even an ornamental comb.

  • Your best allies for this project will be floral tape and floral wire. You cut the wire after measuring the shape of your head and you leave at least six additional centimeters of length just in case.
  • Cover that wire completely with the floral tape and you’re ready to begin assembling.
  • Cut the flowers and foliage you want to use leaving a bit of the stem and start wrapping the wire around them, tightly, and placing all the flowers in the same direction. Leave a bit of wire uncovered at the start and the end.
  • You can also make little groups of flowers and foliage and wrap them together, so the crown doesn’t look too thin.
  • Having a mirror close by is a good idea: check out your progress and see how the crown is looking, so you can perfect the shape and composition.
  • At the end, you can use the uncovered wired at the tips of the crown or headpiece to tie a ribbon or an elastic band that will help you secure it to your head.
  • You can also make a shorter version and secure it to a hair comb or clip.

¡Now you’ve got the best accessory for a special day!

Floral headpieces and floral crowns image

A gift to wrap a gift

We’re the first to suggest flowers as a present on a special day but even when you plan on another type of gift, you could rely on the power of flowers to express how meaningful it really is. Using flowers for gift wrapping is really easy and it can be a good option to avoid generic wrapping paper that might seem a bit too… impersonal.

  • First of all, we recommend flowers with slim but not too fragile stems. Something that looks light is easy to arrange.
  • Keep it simple: one or two flowers is enough. You could even go with something long-lasting and delicate like baby’s breath, especially if you think it will be some days before the gift is opened.
  • Use simple wrapping paper. The more focus you give to the flowers and their pretty colors, the better. Recycled paper is a good touch or just normal Kraft paper.
  • If you’re not good at securing this mini bouquet with ribbons, use the floral wire we mentioned earlier and just cover it up with the ribbon at the end.
  • Another great idea: making a little tight pocket when you wrap your gift and then just placing the flowers snug in there.

Using flowers for gift wrapping

And that’s it: you’ve got yourself a surprising present. Whoever receives it will know that there’s true love behind it.

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