Moments in a plant’s life - Botanical Expedition
Made In Colombia

Our flowers, gifts since the 18th C.

It was just in the 60’s that Colombia began to explore its potential as a […]

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Exotic species of flowers with unusual shapes and colors, like Heliconias
Made In Colombia

3 places where grow the best flowers in Colombia

Imagine you’re standing in a flower farm and the day is beautiful. Sunny with the […]

24 Jan 19

Colombian flower farm
Made In Colombia

Behind the flowers: Aurora flower growers

In the Bogota plateau, right in the heart of Colombia, the most beautiful flowers are […]

26 Oct 18

Florverde sustainable flowers awards
Made In Colombia

Florverde sustainable flowers awards

How do flower farmers know they’re doing a good job protecting nature and caring for their teams?

24 Oct 18

Made In Colombia

5 reasons to love Colombian flowers

Have you ever received a flower arrangement? There is nothing quite like it! The burst of color, that...

17 Sep 18

Made In Colombia

How Colombia honors Japanese women

Ricardo, the director of a successful Colombian flower company, has been in Japan many times before but... this...

02 Oct 18

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