As you might have guessed, Colombia is part of that select, with a first place in species of birds and orchids; second, in plants, amphibians, butterflies and freshwater fish; third, in palms and reptiles; and fourth, in mammals. This country is, in essence, an Eden of biodiversity that also reflect on its folklore, traditions, landscapes, cultures, colors, textures, flavors, smells and forms.

Some Colombian flower farms are very aware of this privileged status and considered themselves, guardians of such natural diversity. Flores El Trigal, which owns three farms in the region of Eastern Antioquia, have a commitment to be ambassadors of that MEGADIVERSITY by performing appropriate environmental and social practices. Their message to the whole farming industry: that it is possible to reach productivity, while conserving and enhancing that magical, natural environment that surrounds us at the same time.

Each one of their farms has important water reservoirs preserved not only because they are nourishment for crops but because they create niches for the various kinds of birds that come visit. In a country with over 1.900 species, you can imagine the beauties that fly by.

Their desire to show off Colombia’s diversity goes beyond environmental practices. They sponsor the Nicolas Jordan Foundation, an initiative that carries out social programs in the region of Antioquia and promotes education, health and recreation for the communities. Through this project, they’ve supported Son Caribe, a musical project that shows off Colombia’s many musical genres like cumbia, porro and gaita.

Hundreds of people integrate this team proud of their Colombian identity, nature and culture. But for them, nothing compares to flowers when it comes to showing the beauty of their nation. Their pompons, spiders, asters, snapdragons, hydrangeas and foliage are the highest quality and they grow them through sustainable and innovative processes, to ensure the preservation of the resources in their fields. It’s easy to feel pride when you’ve done things so right.

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